The History, Origin and Evolution of Makeup and Cosmetics

However in 1940, when World War II broke out, the production of nylon was reallocated to parachutes, bomber tires, and other wartime materials. It was even considered patriotic for women to hand in their nylon stockings to contribute to the war effort. Ancient Egyptian women — including the legendary icon, Cleopatra — are some of the original influencers of today’s beauty! These women were well known for their prominent features, including striking eyes lined in black kohl.

The first patent for nail polish was in 1919, and the first color was a faint pink. 1000, makeup and body paint fell out of favor in all Christian countries.Many Muslim brides cover their hands and feet with Henna patterns before their marriage for good luck in their marriages. In ancient Egypt, cosmetics were an integral part of hygiene, health, and ritual. Pills and creams protected against the sun and dry winds, and oils were used in perfumes in religious rituals.Cosmetic, or plastic, surgery is a booming $20 billion business and continues to grow. Lanolin is basically grease from animal fur.


With regulations in place, there is testing being done on the ingredients before the products can be sold. However, cosmetics companies need only prove that there will be no immediate harmful results. So there is no conclusive research done on the long-term effects of all the ingredients. Try and avoid products with the following ingredients.

And you also can’t forget her signature beauty mark. She was also known for her leather ensembles and leopard prints which she made popular among the women of that generation. When Houston started her career in the mid-’80s, she instantly captivated her audience and became an icon in music, beauty, and fashion. From loud makeup and big hair looks to her ruffles and sequins, the star was on top of it all.

To get the look, you had to trace the tops and bottoms of each lid with matte black eyeliner, and then smudge it all together. The result was rock-n-roll vibes that you have to love. Nowadays, we use a gel pot or satin crayon for this particular look. Being a cool girl in the 80s meant having a colorful eyeshadow. And your normal colors didn’t do the trick.

Chemicals known as Parabens which include ethyl-paraben, butyl-paraben, and isopropyl-paraben are used as preservatives to prevent bacterial growth in cosmetics. Parabens can cause various allergic reactions like skin irritation, blotches, and blemishes on the skin. Another common allergen in cosmetics is Salicylate which can cause an outbreak of painful rashes or hives if you have sensitive skin. In many cases, the allergic reaction is not apparent until the symptoms becomes severe.

Present Day

Create special effects for movies, help the perfect bride on a special day, or create designs for a long shoot. Also, the specialty you choose when you first start does not have to be the only specialty. The skills you learn in the makeup course can be applied in a variety of specialties, so if you’re tired of makeup the bride, it’s easy to move on to styling!

Infographic: Historical Facts About Makeup

Following the war, the 50’s represented a reemergence of beauty and glamour for American women. Short hair with glamour waves, pin curls, poodle cuts — these were all popular hairstyles of the time. Women opted for arched brows, defined eyeliner, pretty blushes and bold lips.

During the 1900s, the commercial cosmetics industry began to grow substantially. In 1913, mascara that’s packaged as we know it today was developed by the French chemist and perfumer Eugène Rimmel. The product was a bit messy and inconsistent, but it was non-toxic and became popular across Europe. Worldwide acceptance of mascara came when T.L.

Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. 53 Cultivating Gardening Facts Happiness is gardening! Stroll through our vibrant gardening facts to learn etymology, gardening tips, literary gardens, history of gardens, and more. In Vietnam and other parts of Asia, women and men take part in the ritual of “teeth blackening” to enhance sex appeal, maintain healthy teeth, and not be mistaken for an evil spirit. May be treated with “Vavelta,” a clear liquid that contains skin cells that rejuvenate and revitalize damaged skin from the inside out.

The product also contains Miracle Growth a fermented form of sea kelp that is designed to improve the overall clarity of skin. After centuries of idolizing pale skin, the quest for bronzed skin was bound to arrive and it did in the form of Coco Chanel catching some rays on a yacht in Cote d’Azur. But when they weren’t stepping up for their country, women were determined to find an alternative solution — enter leg cosmetics. Bask in our surprising tanning facts to learn more.63 Interesting Facts about Underwear We’ll keep this brief. Undies are more than just underclothing; they make political, sexual, & economic statements. In 1952, roll on deodorant was inspired by the ball-point pen.

Job isn’t your cup of tea, you’re at home in the world of makeup. It’s true that private play is sometimes time-consuming and energy-intensive, but you have to decide when you can work and when you can’t. When someone calls you and asks for a chair, you can say no when you need it, instead of putting it in your pocket. You can program yourself based on what’s going on in your life right now, and that freedom is worth nothing. When waterproof mascara hit the beauty industry in 1938, it used 50% turpentine. In the 1930s, a product called “Lash Lure” was sold in the United States as a permanent mascara.