30 Interesting Facts about Makeup and Cosmetics

The reason was quite interesting as well- it was religious and the royals thought it made them look more godly. Furthermore, Kohl had the lead in it and the lead actually warded off diseases for the users. However, if they had used it long enough, it would have killed them too.

Poor hygiene, using expired and low quality products can cause acne and other infections. The other main reason behind breakouts after a party or wedding can be improper cleansing regime, sleeping with makeup on, using unclean brushes, etc. Breakouts can also be caused by using wrong products, such as using a dewy finished foundation on excessively oily skin.

This business model allowed many women to make money independently. Also, more women were earning wages and buying cosmetics, thereby enlarging the market further. Women could make a living in the burgeoning cosmetics trade as business owners, agents, or factory workers.

Imagine Whitney Houston, Madonna in her early years, Cyndi Lauper and more. They made perfumes- amazing ones and kept improving them. People would buy perfumes from them and they would export them because they were so good at it. So, there began the start of the perfume industry which was already existent but without a name. UK acne and sunburn patients can treat damaged skin with ‘Vavelta’, a clear liquid that contains skin to rejuvenate and rejuvenate damaged skin inside and out. Skin diseases, called fibroblasts, are isolated from the foreskin donated by the mother of a young boy.

She has over 6 million followers and explores beauty trends such as microblading, lip fillers, plus cruelty-free beauty products. In 1950, the first long-lasting lipstick was released to the marketplace. No-Smear Lipstick created by Hazel Bishop used bromo and acid dyes to give long-lasting color. The new product posted impressive sales growth from $50K to 1950 to over $10M in 1953. Wowza, that would give Kylie Lip Kits a run for their money.

But rarely we see these two combinations together. Rocker eye makeup look can be easily achieved with a blendablegel eyeliner. This is common side effect of makeup that most women would have expereinced.

Geisha Inspiration For The Modern Day Woman

The hair may require a little maintenance, but it provided the ’80s women with more style variety than other hairstyles. Thick and natural eyebrowsare now more popular than ever. That is an 80s makeup trend that we managed to incorporate easily thanks to models like Cara Delevingne. You need to brush a brow gel, tinted or clear through your eyebrows in the morning, and go from there. Bold eyebrows go great with dramatic eye makeup. The latter is an overall rejection of makeup, while the former is a sophisticated makeup look.

You can use these discounts for professional makeup, but personal writing can benefit from the huge discounts you’ll find on high-end Makeup artist . In Vietnam and other parts of Asia, women and men engage in the ritual of “teeth blackening” to have sexual pleasure, to keep teeth healthy and not to be coerced by evil spirits. The 1952 ballpoint deodorant is inspired by the ballpoint pen.

History of Makeup and Cosmetics-Why

Men and makeup actually have a much longer standing history with each other than you might have guessed! For instance, ancient Romans would actually paint their heads to mask any signs of balding, before wigs came into style. During the French revolution-era, men would over-powder their faces as a show of status. The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. In the early 20th century, Elizabeth Arden and Helen Rubinstein along with Max Factor built the foundations of the modern cosmetic advertising industry.

If there is a lot of difficulty and it leaves a gray finish on your skin after application, then it is a wrong shade. However, in the past there were times people used harmful things without even knowing it- we have dealt with that quite well now. Other than that, the industry saw drastic changes in the 20thcentury, from plain looks to red lips to smoky eyes to colorful ones, we have seen it all and we will see more.

Best Face Washes For All Skin Types

Women are longtime fans of lovely lash looks. Lash styles have gone through quite the evolution over the years but one tool, in particular, was crucial to getting the lifted and curled look that so many women crave. It was the first foundation marketed towards everyday women. Though the forms and applications of cosmetics have changed significantly since 164,000 BC. After being accidentally sunburned on a cruise in 1923, Coco started a trend that has yet to stop.